Sol gel coatings

SAVIMEX masters different sol-gel techniques. Used for coating applications, they can be achieved at relatively low temperatures.

Processes and tools are fitted according to the shape of the parts to be coated and the nature of expected coatings, so as a good coating uniformity of the deposits and a good reproducibility is guaranteed.

SAVIMEX offers two types of applications.


Dip-coating involves immersing the part to be coated directly in a varnish bath. This technique enables double-sided varnish coating in one single operation.

Varnish polymerization is thermal. Resulting varnish coating is a few microns thick.

SAVIMEX offers this treatment for anti-scratch applications.


Flow-coating consists in projecting a varnish jet on the optical surface in a controlled way. This technique enables different coatings on each side.

Varnish curing is thermal or UV. Varnish coating is few microns thickness.

SAVIMEX offers this coating for anti-scratch / antifog applications.