Means of production

SAVIMEX has modern and efficient productive assets, which makes it an unique provider in the field of polymer optics.


Both control and variety of available equipments allow SAVIMEX to manufacture entire optical plastic components, while meeting constraints and requirements from a product specification.

SAVIMEX is able to perform every production step, including thermoplastic injection, solgel coatings and specific optical thin films. The company also deals with finishing of mold inserts using polishing by diamond turning.

Moreover, a complete product control – including metrology and functional testing adapted to each component – is offered.

State-of-the-art equipment

Currently, the company has:

  • 15 electric injection machines
  • 4 diamond turning machines
  • 4 solgel coating lines
  • 6 – 5 axis milling machines
  • 10 coating chambers

This equipment level results from sustained investments. SAVIMEX invests more than 5% of his turnover in means of production and metrology since 5 years.

Modernization effort

SAVIMEX is very involved in French Factory of the future programs, also known as “Usine du futur”. In recent years, some key activities have been automated:

  • Basic manufacturing operations
  • Self loading/unloading of machines

This evolution is part of a desire to modernize both organization and production tools, according to “Industry 4.0” approach.


SAVIMEX is a privately owned industrial SME founded in 1954, specialized in designing and manufacturing optical components and systems in polymer materials.

The company focuses on three main markets:

  • – Visors / Face protection
  • – Image projection / Head-up display
  • – Optical precision systems


SAVIMEX has been certified ISO 9001 since 2000 and ISO 14001 since 2010.

Continuous improvement is strengthened, with the willing to manufacture entire optical plastic components without defaults, in time and while respecting constraints and requirements from a product specification.