Diamond turning

SAVIMEX owns 3 diamond turning machines and offers theirs for ultraprecision components surface finishing.

The cutting tool is a monocrystalline diamond. Its cutting edge can vary in shape and size, depending on the expected result. The machining tools have nanometer-scaled axes control.

Meeting customer expectations

Diamond turning is used for making “free-form” surfaces and diffractive surfaces.

The company is able to implement several diamond turning techniques, depending on custom applications and needs.

Commonly known as Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT), these are machining techniques in which the cutting point moves along the part, according to a predefined path.

Several operational configurations are possible.

Mode Configuration Use
“Slow-tool” Rotating part
Tool on the Z axis
spherical, aspheric
or “free form” surfaces
“Fly-cutting” Diamond on spindle (fixed Y)
Fixed part on X-Z axis
Flat surfaces
“Raster” Diamond on spindle (Mobile Y)
Fixed part on X-Z axis
“Free form” surfaces

Industry-leading expertise

Savimex has technical expertise to offer unparalleled precision in terms of form and appearance.

A perfect control of following parameters is required during machining process:

  • Machine: intrinsic precision, tool path programming
  • Tool: choice, size
  • Part: fixing, centering, balancing
  • Cutting conditions: rotation and feed rate