Thin film coatings

SAVIMEX is able to put on coatings on thermoplastics, at low temperatures, for optical applications including dielectric coatings and metallic layers.

Coating on plastics leads to addition of specific optical function and/or improvement of protective characteristics. Films thickness is from few nanometers to few microns.

Meeting customer expectations

Due to temperature issue, coating operations on organic polymers are much more complicated than on inorganic glasses, and common techniques cannot be used.

SAVIMEX is able to coat plastic optics at relatively low temperature. Engineers design specialized process using alternative innovative techniques and according to materials to evaporate:

  • Joule effect
  • Electron beam
  • Ion beam

Industry-leading expertise

SAVIMEX owns several evaporation chambers. Moreover company has technical expertise for design and production of optical thin films with a high level of performance.

To be effective, coatings must have:

  • good adhesion and good abrasion resistance of the coating
  • good optical performance of the coating

SAVIMEX owns spectrometers to control optical performances on samples.