SAVIMEX offers optical technology well-suited for automotive market and its standards. In other words, the company designs and manufactures optics for head-up displays or lighting systems.

Head-up displays (HUD)

Automotive head-up display systems allow the driver to view instrumentation data while keeping his eyes on the road. The objective is therefore to add useful information over the external environment, with the help of a suitable optical device.

There are two main approaches, depending on integration choices:

Display on a retractable transparent blade
(C-HUD – Combiner HUD)
Display on the windshield directly
(W-HUD – Windshield HUD)


SAVIMEX has the expertise to propose optical solutions and provide reliable technology. The components involved have been proven, as they’re still widely integrated in many vehicles all around the world.

SAVIMEX offers two types of optical components:

  • Combiners : Custom geometries and coatings for an optimal display
  • Mirrors : Custom design for W-HUD applications. Metallization and other specific coatings (cold mirror)

Lighting system – Backlight

SAVIMEX provides lighting / illumination systems for display devices. These components enable backlighting of displays, as LCD ones for instance. They’re based on Fresnel principle and allow uniformity of optical beam while dealing with requirements in terms of brightness and color respect according to the daylight/nightlight.