Motorcycle visors

SAVIMEX is targeting the premium market for motorcycle helmets.

Optical class 1

Current standard for motorcycle visors is limited to an optical class 2. SAVIMEX goes beyond with the design and the manufacturing of optical class 1 screens.

Such a quality level – regarding eye protection – is expected to meet EN 166 standard. We should keep in mind that optical class 1 screens are recommended for a permanent port.

Premium market

The company offers high-performance technology solutions for premium market. High-end products benefit from SAVIMEX expertise in optical quality.

By the way, various problems can be addressed. There are, for instance, anti-scratch or anti-fog performance of visors, as well as supply of accessories (colored or metallized visors).

Volume production facility

SAVIMEX is able to design and manufacture volume of high-quality visors for motorcycle helmets.

Production capacity is more than 1 million units per year.