Defense & security

SAVIMEX is recognized as a major player in high-range plastic optics and a trusted supplier of optical components and imaging devices.

Its technical offer perfectly meets the strong requirements of Defense industry. For instance, the company is now manufacturing visors and optical components for image projection.

Benefits of plastic optics

Industrial optical components were traditionally made from mineral materials, mainly for their outstanding optical characteristics. However, glasses have some disadvantages, as they are relatively heavy and brittle.

SAVIMEX uses polymer materials and offers a highly-competitive alternative. The company – with a whole control of the manufacturing process – is able to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of optical quality.

SAVIMEX’s optical components benefit from noticeable assets:

  • Lighter: a ratio of at least 2.5
  • Cheaper: cost reductions for medium/large production
  • More modular: Free-form design
  • More integrated: several optical and mechanical functions on the same component


SAVIMEX provides high-range visors, for pilots of aircraft or helicopters.

In addition to face protection properties (polycarbonate visors with anti-scratch coatings), SAVIMEX designs and manufactures optical thin film coatings and related coatings for high-performance image projection applications over the visor.

Optical components for image projection

SAVIMEX also provides optical components for image projection devices.

The company usually offers ad-hoc support deliveries and develops custom manufacturing process. Relationships with device integrator are essential, since defining the technical elements which are expected and achievable is important to obtain a reliable and efficient device.

These devices allow the addition of symbology in the pilot’s visual field. This often means to superimpose images.