LED lighting

SAVIMEX supplies optics for lighting systems and especially for devices in which the initial beam is not concentrated. Its technology is therefore particularly suitable for LED lighting market.

Optical technology offer

The company offers design and manufacturing of lens. These optical elements benefit from SAVIMEX expertise in optical quality and allow an efficient design of light beam.

In addition, the company is also able to provide a complete lighting system. It includes design, opto-mechanical integration, electronics and software according to particular geometric and functional constraints.

Value-added service

SAVIMEX is specialized in optical formulation and optical design. Its high level of expertise in this field allows LED lighting systems to be manufactured with an intrinsic quality and a high level of performance.

The Company deals with following main principles:

  • Respect of beam uniformity
  • Conservation of beam format
  • Optimization of light output
  • Calibration of LED spectrum, in agreement with CRI (Color Rendering Index)