SAVIMEX has always focused on innovation, and R&D activity is at the heart of company strategy.

Significant efforts are made according to 4 complementary axes.

Optical design

This domain, mainly seen as the cornerstone of the Company technical expertise, is the foundation for activities and products development.

Optical Engineers are perfectly integrated within the R&D team, and they’re able to tailor optical formulas adapted to polymer optics systems and products.

Towards products / systems range

The Company has also developed opto-mechanical expertise, what fits to its business model and increasing customer demands in terms of assembly or pre-assembly.

These skills enable production and delivery of individual components (lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, glasses, etc.), opto-mechanical sub-assemblies (doublets, triplets). , lenses …) and optical systems (sensors, image projection modules, lighting systems, glasses …).

Design of measurement and instrumentation benches

Quality policy is closely linked to business development. Every product needs to be tested before delivering it, what leads to be able to perform tailored controls operations.

SAVIMEX has defined methods and developed skills for developing and customizing measurement and instrumentation benches.

These dedicated systems allow operators to perform full checking, following 2 approaches:

  • Optical: respect of intrinsic optical properties
  • Functional: validation of expected characteristics

Development of new processes

SAVIMEX is also concerned with the perfect workmanship of production tools and performed tasks.

New processes can be developed by company R&D Engineers for every means of production. Combination of advanced materials, equipments or tools as well as functional parameters, leads to performance improvement of production tool and development of company’s technical offer.


SAVIMEX is a privately owned industrial SME founded in 1954, specialized in designing and manufacturing optical components and systems in polymer materials.

The company focuses on three main markets:

  • – Visors / Face protection
  • – Image projection / Head-up display
  • – Optical precision systems

Means of production

SAVIMEX has modern and efficient productive assets, which makes it an unique provider in the field of polymer optics, from custom design to mass production.

  • Optical systems design
  • Injection molding
  • Sol gel coatings
  • Diamond turning
  • Thin film coatings
  • Assembly / integration
  • Optical precision metrology