SAVIMEX offers its expertise in optical plastics and in the manufacturing of innovative optical components to industry sector and related industrial projects.

Plastic optics manufacturing

As a provider of optical components, SAVIMEX offers high-performance technical solutions for complex industrial needs.

The company has the skills and material resources to develop optical responses viable and suitable for any system in which the measurement principle is a visible optical principle.

Whether aspheric, diffractive or free-form lenses, SAVIMEX relies on plastic optics advantages to provide customized optical components.

Benefits of plastic optics

Industrial optical components were traditionally made from mineral materials, mainly for their outstanding optical characteristics. However, these glasses have some disadvantages.

SAVIMEX uses polymer materials and offers a highly-competitive alternative. The company – with a whole control of the manufacturing process – is able to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of optical quality.

SAVIMEX’s optical components benefit from noticeable assets:

  • Lighter : a ratio of at least 2.5
  • Cheaper : cost reductions for medium/large production
  • Modularity and integration : Free-form design