Safety visors

SAVIMEX designs and manufactures safety visors for face protection.

Optical class 1

SAVIMEX is able to design optical class 1 visors and meet EN 166 standard focused on eye protection. We should keep in mind that optical class 1 screens are recommended for a permanent port.

The company can adapt to customer geometries and expectations: visors, eye protectors, face shields, visors for respiratory masks …

Specific requirements

Specific performance criteria are required by EN 14458 standard. The visors of such face protection equipments must fulfill different properties:

  • Withstand temperature and flames
  • Withstand electrical arc
  • Resist to high-speed particle
  • Resist to chemicals
  • Resist to radiant heat

SAVIMEX has the expertise to meet these standards. By using specific materials and special coatings, SAVIMEX can offer custom solutions to each Customer.