Optical precision metrology

SAVIMEX owns various state-of-the-art metrology equipments. Moreover, the company is able to set up relevant metrology plan with available techniques, to control optical specifications at each step of the process.

Metrology areas are mainly focused on surface profile measurements with contact or contactless techniques.

Surface / form profilometer

SAVIMEX owns surface metrology equipments to control surface and forms of the components.


Equipment Mode Use
3D CMM WITH and WITHOUT contact Surfaces & Forms
PGI WITH contact Surfaces & Forms
LUPHOS WITHOUT contact Surfaces & Forms
CCI WITHOUT contact Roughness and thickness of coatings
Deflectometer WITHOUT contact 3D surfaces by reflexion
Image dimension measurement system
WITHOUT contact Forms

Other measurements

SAVIMEX also has other metrology equipments.


Equipment Mode Use
Goniometer WITHOUT contact Angles (prisms)
Measurement bench WITHOUT contact Roundness / Concentricity
Spectrometer Optical perfomance
of thin film coatings