A protective visor manufactured by SAVIMEX

The protective visor made by SAVIMEX consists of 3 parts: a clear visor mounted on a forehead pad equipt with an elastic adjustable headband.

The clear visor is injected in PC (Polycarbonate). It provides total protection of the face and the chin. Its curved shape generates space in the breathing area (nose- mouth). The optical quality is of the highest standard (class 1 of the norm). This visor fully meets the EN166 Personal Eye Protection European Standard.

It can be easily cleaned by using soapy water or isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol).

The visor is rigidly fastened on the forehead pad. The adjustable elastic headband is fixed on each side of forehead pad.

The forehead pad is injected with PP (Polypropylene). It is black in colour. A polyolefin foam band attached to the forehead pad makes wearing the visor more comfortable without irritating the skin.

The 40mm wide headband makes the height adjustment easier by positioning itself on the ears. It is black and adjustable like a ski mask.

The complete system is light and easy to use (160g).

The visor is delivered in an ultralight cloth bag with a drawstring cord.

2 versions of the visor are available:

  • A version in PC with anti-scratch internal and external sides coating (AS/AS)
    ref SAVIMEX : FV026201
  • A version in PC with anti-scratch external side coating (AS) / antifog internal side coating (AF)
    ref SAVIMEX : FV026202


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